Wild Asia Monorail

Take a load off! Sit back and relax as you travel above mud wallows and pastures, forests and riverbanks to the heart of Wild Asia. A guided tour will help you spot a wide array of animals along the way, including tigers, elephants, and rhinos.

What to See and Do

Follow the herds.
Asian deer, antelope, and the world’s largest wild cattle, called “gaur, ” roam hilly, wooded acres along the Monorail tour.

See wildlife make a big splash.
Watch how rhinos prevent sunburn by rolling in mud wallows and elephants cool off by using their trunks like a sprayer!

Meet the natives.
The Monorail travels along the Bronx River, where egrets fish in the reeds, turtles sun on logs, and ducks paddle in flocks.

Bring your binoculars.
As you glide through 40 wooded acres of natural habitats, these might come in handy!

Friends of the Zoo Biofact Cart
Chat with a zoo volunteer about Asia’s unique elephants.