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Big Cat Birthday

The Cubs of Tiger Mountain Turn one

It's hard to believe, but last summer's six little fuzzballs are now sleek, adolescent tigers.

But don't let those giant paws deceive you! These yearlings are still as playful and mischievous as when they were babies. And like our own little ones, tiger cubs need lots of stimulation to keep them busy. The Bronx Zoo's enrichment program was designed for just that reason—to exercise the muscles and minds of all of our animals, young and old. Customized toys and treats are part of the program.

Help us celebrate the tigers' first birthday by sending them an enriching gift.*

Big Cat Gift Registry



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Calvin Klein Obsession

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Treat Spinner

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Josie doesn't ask for much, just as long as he's got a knucklebone to munch on.

Other cats might be satisfied with room-temperature snacks, but not Claiborne. And big cats don't get brain-freeze.

Julian loves to nuzzle against anything that's sprayed with this musky men's cologne.

Watching Pepino try to get the meatball out of this puzzle toy is precious.

*Your donation will support the tiger cubs and other wildlife under the care of WCS's Animal Enrichment Program and Living Institutions.