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Mountain Coati

Mornings at the Zoo

Exploring the Tropic Zone

Saturday, May 17th at 9am at the Central Park Zoo

Conservation Members are invited to join us for a unique morning at Central Park Zoo. Enjoy light refreshments and then explore the zoo’s Tropic Zone and meet the animal keepers, who will share the secrets of the creatures you’ll find in this multi-layered indoor rainforest habitat, including capering lemurs, free-flying tropical birds, golden lion tamarins, endangered tortoises, emerald tree boas, and much more. Meet at the Tropic Zone. Light refreshments served.

To register for Mornings at the Zoo: Exploring the Tropic Zone on Sunday, May 17th at 9am at the Central Park Zoo, please complete this form.

Important Instructions for Attendees

Please note that Mornings at the Zoo events are open ONLY to Members at the Conservation Supporter level and above. If you are not a Conservation level Member and would like to upgrade your Membership, please call (718) 220-5112.

Meet outside the Central Park Zoo’s Tropic Zone. Simply show your Conservation Membership card at the zoo admission gate and gather at the meeting location. The event will last approximately 60 minutes. The Zoo will open to the public at 10am. This event will take place rain or shine.

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Questions? Please call the Membership Department at:
(718)-741-8216, 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday.