Sea Lion Sightings at the Zoos

September 3, 2013

We’re seeing sea lions! Five California sea lions have made their way to the Queens, Prospect Park, and Bronx Zoos.

It’s a summer of sea lions – five California sea lions have arrived at the WCS zoos. Here’s an introduction to our splashy newcomers:

In Queens
Two adult male sea lions rescued in Oregon make their debut in Queens after nearly a month of training and care from Queens Zoo animal staff and a WCS veterinarian in the Pacific Northwest. They join Butch and Taylor to complete the bachelor group of four in the zoo's sea lion pool.

In Prospect Park
Originally stranded off the coast of Point Hueneme, California, two female pups were rescued and are making a splash in Prospect Park Zoo. Following initial care and rehabilitation in California, the duo is doing well and learning basic behaviors from their keepers. Visit them in the sea lion pool alongside longtime residents Stella and Beebe.

In the Bronx
Last, but not least, a sea lion pup was born at the Bronx Zoo on June 28. She’s the third baby for her mother, Indy, and the sixth for father, Kiani, who is now the breeding bull at the New York Aquarium. The unnamed pup swims with Halftime, Margaretta, McCabe, Nav, and Indy at the pool on Astor Court

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